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by rebeccachelbea


My name is Rebecca Chelbea and I am 27 years old. I want to raise my awareness to the maximum to raise the collective awareness.


My blog is not an attempt to show you how great I am, but more to inspire you to create a life you are happy with. I am inviting you to travel more, live mindfully, practice yoga and to enjoy life without harming others. Here I share my thoughts, my heart and soul and show you how  I handle my daily life struggles.

This platform makes my truth and vision of the world visible to you.


The only constant in life is change.


I was born and raised in Vienna – Austria’s stunning capital. As far as I know, I have Austrian, Iranian and Romanian roots. I quit school when I was 18. I worked as a personal trainer, receptionist, waitress, actress and a bartender – to name a few. Through these jobs, I earned money and spent it on the things that make me happy.

I love to travel this world. I first explored the world and it actually helped me to start exploring who I am. Traveling isn’t vacation to me. I live on the road. Traveling means feeling alive. It opens my mind, it gives me time to express myself in a creative way. Traveling led me to myself, it led me to yoga and it led me to my partner.

I first came in touch with yoga in 2015. I fell in love with Yoga on my solo trip through South America.  I recently completed my 500 hours of yoga teacher training in Thailand and India. I further chose to do 200 hours of a more westernized style and 300 hours of traditional yoga in India. My goal is to make traditional yoga more available to the western world. Yoga changed my world. And maybe I can inspire you to change yours.


I am not just a head person. Neither am I just a heart person. I am trying to find a balance between my material existence and my higher awareness.

I am a visionary. I take decisions very easily. I know my truth. I am courageous. I like to walk straight into my fears. I am very honest. I am solutions orientated. I am highly sensitive. I am very receptive. I feel people, animals, nature very strongly, which makes me experience wholeness and oneness.  

For four years now I’ve been on a vegan diet, with vegetarian phases. Now I call my diet a conscious one, without labeling it in any way.


You might know me from my first blog called ‘More’s More’. I was driven to create my own blog in which I could truly express myself. I would like to take you with me on my journey of a more conscious and slower lifestyle.

This is my new channel of creativity. It is not completely who I am, but it truly is a big part of me!


Let’s stay connected through Instagram @rebeccachelbea   (and soon Facebook and YouTube).

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