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The Capsule Hotel: Make your stay in Colombo, Sri Lanka an adventure

by rebeccachelbea
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The Capsule Hotel: Make your stay in Colombo, Sri Lanka an adventure

*Disclaimer: unpaid advertisement / invitation

Let me tell you something. Various people described me Colombo as boring. Our stay in Colombo was anything else but boring. The big city life that meets incredible nature spots, the option to bike next to the river, sipping fresh-squeezed fruit juices, eating delicious traditional Sri Lankese food and meeting welcoming and friendly locals. Colombo is an awesome spot.

After traveling India for two months we arrived in Sri Lanka. We spent the first two nights in Colombo couch surfing. After we had traveled the country for three adventurous weeks, we got invited to spend a night in a very unique hotel.

The Capsule Hotel is anything else, but a normal hotel. As my boyfriend and I slept most of the time in hostels and cheap accommodations, we were really looking forward to a little bit of an upgrade. So I was very curious and ready to give this special hotel a try.

Opening the hotels entrance door I already sensed that this will be a different overnight stay. We walked in and the cleanliness of the room caught my attention. There was an option of having a coffee or to sit on the couch and wait for service. At the reception we got welcomed very quickly. We checked in, took our key-card, took off our shoes and moved up stairs to the room. Of course, someone helped me carrying my huge backpack. (I am still figuring out this thing called ‘minimalism’.)

When we entered the room all of my sweat dried in about a minute. I normally am no big fan of air conditioner, but that day I actually felt pretty lucky about it.

Here we were facing a big dorm and within this dorm, the individual capsules. Single bed capsules, or the deluxe version for two, which was awesome to spread out and relax. I didn’t know what I was more excited about: a cold shower, the double bed, or having a tea on the terrace. Before we arrived I was kind of scared of feeling claustrophobic inside the capsule. So I think what fascinated me the most, was the fact that it felt quite the opposite. The capsule offered a lot of space.

Before we went to bed we took advantage of the comfort and technology they offered inside the capsule. Even if I am not a big television person I enjoyed a little bit of the couch potato life.

What I loved about the hotel:

  • I guess my pleasure was the futuristic experience. Feeling like I was in some kind of fantasy or future world, with the blue lights and the LED display on the capsule panel. It’s one of these one-in-a-lifetime-experiences I would not want to miss. Especially when in a capital city it’s nice to stay at a place where I’m able to lay back.
  • I really enjoyed the option of the rooftop terrace. There I drank a coffee in the morning, practiced yoga and sipped a tea at night.


  • During our stay, the Wifi connection wasn’t the best. So I went to the reception and told them. They said that they were currently working on improving this issue.

Last Words:

I am super thankful for this invitation. I can definitely say that this was an experience I won’t forget and made my stay in Colombo an adventure.

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